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The Single Best Upsell Tactic

Some might say the perfect upsell doesn’t exist.

I would argue it does… take a look.

It’s simple, upsells perform the best when they are hyper-personalized.

And, most importantly, solve a problem the customer is facing RIGHT NOW.

One Lawn Care company figured this out.

They trained their crews to look for hidden revenue around the customer’s property.

Each crew would briefly inspect the customer’s property every other visit and look for areas of improvement – specifically looking for things the business could help with, but the customer hasn’t yet hired them for.

Every time a crew member would discover a problem the customer was facing (but may not be aware of yet), that crew member would snap a pic with their phone, send it to a team member in the office with a note, and that team member would send a brief text message (with the picture) to the customer letting them know what they discovered.

It goes a little something like this…

First. Crew member discovers stagnant water around the property actively breeding mosquitoes.

Second. Crew member takes a picture and sends it to the office with a note describing the issue.

Lastly. The team member then sends a short and friendly text message to the customer letting them know what they found and how to solve it.

That text message may look like this:

Hi Ashley, while we were working around your home today, we noticed several breeding spots full of mosquitos. I could see this becoming an issue as the season continues. Would you like us to come by next week and treat for mosquitos before it gets bad?

It’s as simple as that.

Unlike typical, generic upsells, this offer can’t be ignored by your customer, because it was made specifically for them.

Give it a try!

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