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Increase Route Density With Facebook

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Cody Owen, founder of Light Speed Social, about a Facebook & Instagram Ads strategy he’s been using called Hyper Local Meta Ads. While the name may sound complicated, I assure you that the strategy is actually quite simple and, as we discover, super effective.

Ultimately, the goal of this Hyper Local strategy is to use Facebook and Instagram Ads to build highly efficient routes packed with clients for the Home Service businesses he works with. This is an incredibly interesting concept because most outside marketing agencies don’t take routing into consideration. Most of these marketing agencies will send you a bunch of leads from all over and say “Good Luck!” Leaving you to figure out how to get your crews out to each job if they become a customer.

That’s what makes Cody’s idea so interesting! He takes your existing routes and figures out how to pack them full of high-quality customers so you minimize the amount of waste driving between jobs.

I really enjoyed having this conversation with Cody and I hope you do too!

We really dove deep into his Meta Ads strategy and covered a few additional topics near the end.


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