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How To Win Customers For Life

The typical business + customer relationship feels 100% transactional nowadays.

Companies put on their website that they TRULY care about their customers, but don’t do anything more than show up and do the work.

Customers say they LOVE working with XYZ Services, but when their bill increases by 10%, they start price hunting the competition.

Both parties are fully motivated by money.

While neither party is totally in the wrong for thinking this way, as a business owner, you’ll have a much more difficult time trying to build a business with diehard, loyal customers who shout your name from the rooftops to their friends, family, and neighbors if you don’t do anything to WOW the people who hire you.

Businesses like this oftentimes have very few referrals, have a high customer churn rate, and are dependent on paid marketing/advertising strategies.

Why? Because the business doesn’t feel special to the customer. It feels like a commodity and customers have no problem leaving. If something goes wrong or the price increases, they fully believe they can find a competitor that offers the same experience and similar quality, all at a cheaper price.

An insurance company called Lemonade understood this and decided to build something unique…

They built a company that treats their customers like people, not sources of revenue.

Their goal was to provide the best customer experience and it so happens that by doing so, they created a customer base of raving fans.

Let’s look at one example that went particularly viral…

Lemonade saw that one of their customers named Andrew had a birthday coming up, so they were going to send him a short email wishing him a happy birthday. However, this wasn’t just a standard automated email intended for everyone, it was personalized to him with a picture from the Lemonade team.

Andrew was pretty impressed by this and promptly went to Twitter to share this with his followers.

At this point, it’s safe to say Lemonade has earned Andrew’s respect and loyalty, however, they took it one step further.

After Lemonade saw Andrew’s Tweet, they sent him a cake to show their appreciation and make his birthday email a little more special.

Yep, Lemonade did that! They showed Andrew that they truly cared and created a lifelong customer by doing so.

So, let’s recap what happened here…

Lemonade sends Andrew an email with a picture from the team wishing him a happy birthday.

Andrew then shares this email with all 400 of his Twitter followers.

Finally, Lemonade sees this tweet and sends him a cake, which he shares with all of his co-workers.

This, right here, is not only a great experience for the customer, but incredible marketing.

Not only has Lemonade earned themselves a lifelong customer, but they’ve also wowed all of his friends, family, followers, and coworkers.

AND… this act went so viral it was picked up by Angel Investor and Start-Up Advisor, Michael Kobach who shared this with his 35,000 followers.

With a simple email and a $12 cake, Lemonade put itself in front of tens of thousands of potential customers!

It’s amazing what kind of impact caring for your customers can have.

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