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Dan Kennedy’s Shock and Awe Box

Running a business in the service industry is hyper-competitive. No doubt about that. There are dozens of other companies similar to yours all competing for the same customers, so one thing we often have to ponder is “How do I differentiate my business from everyone else” or even “How do I make my business the no-brainer decision.”

To be completely frank, most businesses do a poor job of making themselves the clear winner in the consumer’s eyes. So, what ultimately happens, is the consumer chooses the company with the lowest prices because they don’t understand why you may be worth more.

In today’s video, we’re going to break down Dan Kennedy’s Shock and Awe box strategy and discuss how he used it to WOW new leads. Most importantly, I’ll show you how service businesses can replicate this same strategy for themselves and use it to close more sales.

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