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Create a Kick-Ass CTA

The Call-To-Action (CTA) is all about guiding your prospective clients to your intended action or result.

That could be requesting a quote, filling out a job application form, leaving a review, etc.

The problem is that we often neglect the CTA and put very little thought into it.

By the time we finish writing the sales copy on our website, ad, or even door hanger, we often just slap a phone number on there and say “call us.”

But, that’s not how you motivate the people viewing your marketing materials to contact you ASAP.

In many ways, your CTA will either get prospective clients to say “Hell Yeah” or “meh, I’ll keep searching.”

So the question is, what makes a CTA effective?

Here are 4 simple things you can do today to create more effective CTAs.

1. Eliminate Friction (AKA. Make It Easy)

As I mentioned already, the best CTAs are the ones that get people to take action NOW not later.

However, in order to get people to take action now, you have to give people the fastest possible way to contact you.

In most cases, your primary CTA should not be for them to call you.

Why? Because calling you requires a time investment from the person seeing your ad.

People are busy! Not everyone has 10-15 minutes at that very moment to pick up the phone and call you. Not to mention, the growing number of people who flat-out don’t want to call a business in the first place.

So, if you’re primary CTA is “call us” and they don’t have time, then most people will say “I’ll call them later” and never get back around to doing it.

A perfect example of this is Facebook.

I see so many businesses posting great stuff on Facebook, but the CTA is “Call 123-456-7890 for a free quote!”. Because of this, these posts often result in very few leads (if any).

In cases like these, you should be giving people the fastest possible way of contacting you so you can follow up with them later.

Texting is a great way to simplify your CTA.

In addition to this, everything we’ve talked about so far applies to the CTA on your company vehicles, door hangers, postcards, and yard signs as well.

When people see these marketing materials, it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t be available to call you immediately (especially when they see your vehicles or yard signs).

Texting is still a great way to simplify your CTA, but QR codes are even better!

Instead of making someone dial your phone number, let them scan a QR code that will open their texting app, auto-dial your number, and even give them a prewritten text message so all they have to do is press send!

You can’t make it much easier for people than that!

2. Reduce Uncertainty

There are two subconscious thoughts that go through a person’s mind when trying to decide whether to contact you now or later.

  1. How long will this take?
  2. Am I about to make a big commitment?

When you address these two questions upfront, your conversion rate will jump.

3. Speak To Their Objective

People click on CTAs that clearly align with their mission.

Back when I was developing websites for Home Service businesses, I would see so many CTAs that said “Call Us” or “Text Us.”

This was especially the case on physical marketing such as company vehicles or door hangers. The business would simply put a big, bold phone number and next to it would be a small “Call Us Today.”

While calling or texting you will get them closer to their objective, that CTA language doesn’t motivate them to take action now.

If their goal is to get a free estimate, be crystal clear that by clicking this button or calling this number, you will get a free estimate.

4. Make It Stand Out

Even if you’re not a designer, take into consideration how your CTA will be displayed in your marketing.

If someone is skimming your website, it should be very clear to them where the action buttons are. Generally, CTAs are displayed using bright colors so they stand out from the rest of the content.

This also applies to physical marketing as well. Even though someone may not be clicking a button on your vehicle or door hanger, you still want it to be very clear what they need to do next.

And, believe it or not, the color of your CTA does matter! Not just from a design standpoint, but also from the perspective of how well it performs.

In recent years, the best-performing colors were Orange, Blue, and Green.

That’s all for today! Got questions? Shoot me a message.

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