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3 Easy Ways To Send Better Follow-Ups

Everyone talks about how important consistency is when it comes to follow-ups.

And, it’s true, if you aren’t consistently following up with leads, you’re leaving a huge amount of money on the table.


Consistency is NOT a silver bullet.

If you consistently email leads every 6 days with “Hi, do you have any questions about the quote” then I’m going to bet your conversion rate isn’t super high.

Let’s not forget that the success of your follow-up is significantly impacted by several factors:

  • Are your follow-ups opened and read?
  • Do your follow-ups get them excited to start?
  • Do you add urgency?
  • If they aren’t ready yet, do you make an effort to stay in touch?

When you send your next follow-ups, try some of the tips below and see if you get more responses:

Avoid Being Robotic

When people believe they are part of some automated follow-up campaign, any urgency they may have felt to reply will be lost.

Remember, we’re subtly trying to remind them that a real person is on the other end waiting for their answer. It’s easy for people to think their answer doesn’t matter to you or there’s no urgency in replying because you’re a business dealing with dozens of requests a day.

We want to push them out of this kind of thinking, so they don’t hmm-and-ahh for weeks.

A great way to get around this is to show that you care about working with them and that you are excited about the opportunity, like this:

Hey [Stephanie], it was great to talk with you this week! I shared your project with my team earlier today and we’re all super excited about the opportunity to potentially help you with [service]. Please, let us know if you have any questions! – [Greg]

Try Different Channels

Your follow-ups are pointless if they aren’t being opened and read.

If you’re having trouble connecting your lead, don’t be afraid to try a different channel. Maybe they don’t pay much attention to their email, so texting or Facebook Messaging them is better (this is actually quite common for businesses that serve residential customers).

If that still doesn’t work, try leaving them a voicemail.

There’s a saying in both Marketing and Sales — “Go Where Your Customer Is” — think about where your prospect, lead, or customer hangs out and meet them there.

Never assume a no response is a “No.” Most sales take 6-8 follow-ups to close, so make yourself known and try other contact methods to give yourself the best chance at closing the sale.

For reference, here is the average open rate for different messaging channels. Choose the contact methods that best fit your ideal customer:

  • Email: 15-20%
  • Text: 95%
  • Messenger: 80%
  • Phone Call (for unrecognized numbers): 2-8%

Provide Value To Keep Them Thinking of You

The follow-up can also be used to keep you front of mind. One great way of doing this is to consider what your lead needs and provide value based on that.

Follow-ups don’t always have to go for the close. Sometimes, especially if they’ve said they need more time, your goal may simply be to keep them thinking of you. So, when they are ready, you’re the first one they go to.

Here are some non-annoying follow-up ideas to keep your business front-of-mind:


Did you recently finish a landscaping project similar to what your lead was wanting? Send them a pic and a little note about the results. This is fantastic for getting them excited about working with you.

Hi [John], we just finished up this landscaping project not too far from you, I think we can take some ideas from this project and use them on your property when you’re ready to get started. What do you think about adding some color around the walkways?

Window Cleaning

Got some clear weather coming up? Use that to add urgency.

Hey [Mike], check this out! Looks like we’ve got a nice clear patch of weather for the next 2 weeks or so. I’m out cleaning windows right now, but if you’d like to get on the schedule while the weather is good, shoot me a text so we can get you booked.

House Cleaning

Did your lead mention a pain point/challenge they had during your initial meeting? Offer them some help!

Hi [Megan], I thought of you when I saw this. You made a comment during our phone call that you were having trouble with the trash smell, I found this on YouTube yesterday – hopefully it helps.

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